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Latest releases

2018 Demo reel

New Country

beating the odds 2016

With zero preference points, Jason drew a coveted Roosevelt Elk tag in Northern California. In a unit that is mostly private land, we try to "Beat the Odds" and take a bull DIY on public land.

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Balance Trailer 2016

Join Dusty as he struggles to find not only a mule deer buck while deer hunting in Nevada's rugged backcountry, but a balance in pursuing his passion for hunting, and sharing that passion with his young son.

Past Releases

Experiences 2015

"Our experiences as hunters define us. The decisions we make, right or wrong, are based on knowledge gained through experience." This is a film about hunting blacktail deer in Northern California. Join us as we follow Zach Wusstig overcome difficult hunting situations, while searching for a buck during his 2014 hunting season.